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Hill's Absinth
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Hill's Absinth 0,7l
0.7 l 70 % 12 pcs
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La Fée Parisienne
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La Fée Parisienne 0,7l
0.7 l 68 % 6 pcs
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Abysse Premium Absinthe
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Abysse Premium Absinthe 0,7l
0.7 l 60 % 6 pcs
19,60 €
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Rodnik's Cannabis Absinthe
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Rodnik's Cannabis Absinthe 0,7l
0.7 l 70 % 6 pcs
14,60 €
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Enter the world of absinthe, an alcoholic beverage with the most romantic history. No other type of alcohol has evoked so much passion, enchantment and condemnation. And no other has been banned by law for almost a century. For a long time he was accompanied by a rumor about its hallucinogenic effects. Real absinthe is exclusively a distillate with a delicate, herbal character and barely perceptible wormwood bitterness. The name comes from the French absinthe after the Latin name of the wormwood of the true Artemisia absinthium. The basis of absinthe is the "holy trinity" - anise, fennel and wormwood. For a more complex, fuller and original taste of the drink, the producers supplement the base with other herbs. Absinthe usually contains 50-70% alcohol. It can be green (franc. Verte), but also clear (franc. Blanche). The traditional green color of absinthe is caused by chlorophyll from plants during the second maceration. A quality "green fairy" is filled into dark bottles, because chlorophyll in the light changes the color of the drink from olive green to brown. In the production process of clear absinthes, manufacturers omit dyeing maceration and move the herbs used for dyeing to the first maceration before distillation. However, the difference between green and clear absinthe is not only in color and production process, but also in taste and smell.

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