Loyalty programme

Loyalty programme

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Loyalty programme

Dear our customers, from 14.2.2024 our company will switch to a system of turnover discounts for customers. The aim of the change is to achieve fairer and more motivating discounts for all our customers!

Loyalty program rules:

  1. Every user of Bondston.com, customer of e-shops or customer of one of our stores (as long as he/she declares his/her account at the checkout) is included in the loyalty program. No need to fill in any forms or carry any cards - just give your consent when purchasing or ordering.
  2. The loyalty system works on the basis of the turnover that the customer makes and based on this they will be placed in one of the Bronze, Silver, Gold categories listed above.

How does it work?

The loyalty system works on the basis of turnover - the value of orders that put you into one of three categories.

Boundaries for turnover discounts:

  1. Turnover is automatically added for each paid (and not returned) order of the e-shop or store. For purchases in currencies other than EURO, the turnover per order is converted according to the current exchange rate.
  2. The recalculation of the turnover per order and the shift between categories within the loyalty program will take place automatically after payment (invoice or block). In the event of cancellation of an order, you will also receive a reduction in the corresponding turnover of the points credited with that order.
  3. The VIP category contains interesting limited products that are not normally available and the VIP customer will have priority access to them.

How do I redeem my discount?

If you are logged in and you see an icon in the top bar indicating that your account is in the Bronze, Silver, or Gold category, in the e-shop you can already see your personal prices for each product.

You can also count on the same prices when you shop in stores if you announce your user account at checkout (the cashier will scan your QR code that you have in your customer account). If you know in advance what you want to buy, we recommend you do this by ordering through the e-shop with the option of personal collection in store. This way you know in advance exactly what price you will pay for the goods on the spot and speed up your purchase.

The discount is calculated on the selling price of the product. If a product or bargain set is on sale and your loyalty discount is higher than the price of the product on sale, you will be credited with the higher discount for the product.


The discounted set has a 5 % discount and the customer is Gold, so they will be discounted another 5 %, for a total of 10 % off!

The validity period of the achieved discount

The Achieved Discount (Bronze, Silver, Gold) is valid according to the turnover achieved in the last 6 months.

Two weeks before the time expires, the customer will receive an automated email asking them not to miss out on the achieved discount and to place another order.

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