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Sandeman Ruby Porto
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Sandeman Ruby Porto 0,75l
0.75 l 19.5 % 6 pcs
9,90 €
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Taylor's Chip Dry Extra Dry White Port
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Taylor's Chip Dry Extra Dry White Port 0,75l
0.75 l 20 % 6 pcs
14,10 €
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Croft Fine White Port
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Croft Fine White Port 0,75l
0.75 l 20 % 6 pcs
8,90 €
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Wine of sweet taste, rich, rounded and smooth in the climate with added alcohol. That's Port. The stunning range of styles and personal characteristics of each port, from intense fruity experiences to intricate and sublime Vintage, makes it the king of wines. It offers the most possibilities of connection with good food. It is traditionally served at the end of a meal with cheese or as a dessert. However, white port will also please as an aperitif. Port wine is used in the preparation of many sauces and desserts, pastries and desserts. It comes from Portugal and, like other wines, Port wine is specific due to its unique combinations of climate, soil and vine variety.

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