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Gin is an Anglo-Saxon species of pine. This strong alcoholic beverage is made by distilling a cereal mixture and juniper berries with the addition of other herbs. The exact recipes of the individual brands are a production secret of the manufacturers themselves. However, juniper gives gin its typical taste. The "father" of the gin is Dr. Fanciscus de La Boie alias Dr. Sylvius, professor of medicine at the University of Leiden in the Netherlands. The formula for the first gin was compiled in 1650, and like many other distillates, gin was originally intended to be a drug that would relieve patients suffering from kidney problems. Today we recognize two basic types of gin. The first is Genever produced by the periodic distillation of juniper and grain distillate. The second is dry gin produced by continuous distillation from grain distillate and herbs. The normal taste of gin is dry, most often drunk as part of cocktails. A well-known example is the popular gintonic. Gin gained great popularity, especially in England, where it was marketed by King William III. Orange in the 17th century.

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