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At the bar, only connoisseurs order Armagnac, because the much more famous alcohol made from grapes is a bit different. At the bar, Armaňak is ordered only by connoisseurs, because the much more famous alcohol made from grapes is a bit more expensive cognac. The origin of Armagnac (French Armagnac) is to be traced back to Gascon, which was also made famous by the musketeer D´Artagnan and Cyrano of Bergerac. Armaňak, as the older brother of cognac, first appears in a written mention from 1411, cognac was not written until 200 years later. During a single gradual distillation, the armanac is transformed into a fragrant drink full of wine base. Its uniqueness consists of 5 basic factors - climate, soil, vine varieties, distillation process and ripening process. The climate and soil give selected vine varieties a specific taste, typical of only three small areas of Gascony. The law of 25 May 1909 mandates that the Armanac can only be produced in the territories of Bas Armagnac, Tenareze and Haut Armagnac. In the Middle Ages, wine distillates were used mainly as drugs effective against aging, anorexia, weakness, pensive, senility, or impotence. Most of these beneficial effects have been confirmed by modern research at the University of Bordeaux. The Gaskons are an example of this. Although they like unhealthy, heavy and greasy foods, they nevertheless belong to the healthiest, most satisfied and longest-lasting population not only in France but also in the whole of Europe.

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