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Are you a lover of more or less sweet liqueurs with an inexhaustible well of taste and aroma? Our website is the real nut for you, because right here you will find almost a hundred of the most famous and sought-after liqueurs from various parts of the world. And we are constantly adding new ... Liqueurs are sweetened spirits, flavored with various types of herbs, fruits, spices and foods. The great variety of ingredients and methods of production means a huge variety of liqueurs. Not only taste and smell, but also color are important for these luxury drinks. They often act as a digestive balm, strengthen the immune system and relieve an adequate amount of headache. And if not, they'll at least taste it. The word liqueur comes from the Latin liquifacere (dissolve), which points to the importance of dissolving the flavor components of the raw materials used in alcohol. Liqueurs usually do not ripen, but it can take some time during production for their components to come together properly. They are mostly intended for direct consumption. The production of liqueurs was widespread centuries ago, when they were separated from herbal medicine. Liqueurs were produced in Italy as early as the 13th century. There are many types of liqueurs with different alcohol content - herbal, coffee, chocolate, egg, fruit, cream and spice liqueurs. They are drunk alone or used in the preparation of mixed drinks and even meals. Weaker liqueurs were once called rozoliš. The word comes from the Latin ros solis - sun dew, which is the name of the round-leaved sundew, which has been traditionally added to herbal liqueurs in Italy since the Middle Ages. Many liqueurs are now a cult issue, not least in their countries of origin.

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