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Although the premium brand of French cognacs, Godet, has been writing its history since 1782, its roots go even deeper. The first of the Godet family, originally a Dutch merchant Bonaventure Godet, arrived in France around 1550. He traded in wine and salt here and already at that time began to experiment with burning wine. The brand, which has been here for almost half a millennium, is still in the hands of the Godet family and is one of the last independent manufacturers with a stable position on the world market.

The company is headquartered in La Rochelle. Godet produces classic cognacs (VS, VSOP and XO), but also specialties with attributes such as Gastronome, Folle Blanche, Epicure or Renaissance. Godet cognac matures in special oak barrels near the Atlantic Ocean, which gives it its specific fullness, but at the same time does not suppress the fruity and floral tones in its taste. Cognac is softer, the producer lets it mature longer. This is mainly to make its taste and aroma more complex and to dissolve more intensely on the tongue.

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