Godet XO Terre

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The unique Godet XO Terre is aged in oak barrels for 30 years and is labelled XO - Extra Old.

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Volume 0.7 l
Alc. 40 %


Named after the planet Earth, Godet XO Terre bears the attribute XO (Extra Old). It has been aged in oak barrels for 30 years. It is characterised by its brilliant golden colour with dark mahogany highlights. The blend of fresh floral and fruity aromas gives way quite quickly to heavier hints of cinnamon and spice.

Godet XO Terre is produced in the Cognac region of France, which is renowned for its quality cognacs. The cognac production process involves several key steps.

The fermentation process of the grapes takes place in special concrete tanks. Distillation takes place 2 times, in special distillation columns. During this phase, the base alcohol is obtained, which is then aged.

Godet XO Terre is aged for 30 years in oak casks. During this process, the cognac is gradually blended with the wood, contributing to its complex character and rich notes.

Once optimum maturation is achieved, the cognac is blended and ready for bottling at 40 % alcohol. Each bottle contains a harmonious combination of the contents of different casks, ensuring consistent quality. The bottles are presented in a white and gold gift box.

Colour: dark mahogany with amber highlights
Nose: caramel, vanilla, honey, dried fruit, wood
Taste: prunes, raisins, citrus, wood, spices

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Flavour profile
Cinnamon, Chocolate, Flowers, Pepper, Pears, Grass
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0.7 l
40 %
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