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Bundle François Voyer VS + Lautrec VS + Regal Pride VSOP free
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Bundle François Voyer VS + Lautrec VS + Regal Pride VSOP free
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The name 'brandy' is derived from the designation given by Dutch traders to a wine distillate originating in southern France or Spain: brandewijn - fiery, burnt wine. It usually contains 35-60% alcohol. The term "brandy" has become a general international designation for wine distillate - vinice. Although it is a distillate made exclusively from wine and pre-fermented grape extracts, distillates from wine lees, from wines with the addition of other fruit raw materials or even from fruit "wines" (eg calvados) are often (incorrectly) also referred to as brandies. . Apart from the most famous types of French brandy - cognac and armagnac - the most famous brands of brandy come from Spain, Italy and Greece. Their common feature is that they are usually aged in barrels after sherry (fortified by the addition of brandy, made from grapes grown exclusively in Andalusia, Spain). There are a large number of high-quality and low-quality types of brandy, which is also reflected in the price. It is not only used as an alcoholic beverage, it also very often enriches the taste of excellent dishes, creams, pâtés and desserts. According to brandy producers, in Slovakia this category of alcohol - in terms of popularity - is second in order. Slovaks are said to be well versed in it. But restaurants and bars in our country and around the world include, for example, the Greek Metaxa among the brandies. "It's a mistake, Metax was unjustifiably branded. According to international regulations, brandy must not contain anything other than wine distillate, "explains Constantinos Raptis, the main master of mixing Greek Metaxa (only the fifth in its 125-year history). Metaxa has a slightly different recipe - nutmeg wine and rosehip extracts are poured into the brandy. Qualitative distinction of brandy: French brandy is a written distinction, Greek Metaxa uses asterisks, symbolizing the years of ripening. VS - very special - must not contain any brandy, less than 3 years old VSOP - very special old pale (very special old pale) - must not contain any brandy, younger than 5 years XO - extra old (especially old) - cognacs older than 10 years

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