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The history of AH Riise rums dates back to 1838, when a young pharmacist Albert Heinrich Riise decided to move to the newly colonized Danish island of St. Thomas. There he also opened his first pharmacy with his partner, where he sold his own medicines.

Albert had a developed sense of quality and was a pioneer in the distillation of rum and bitter, then used as a remedy for intestinal problems. He had a business spirit and his brands began to be exported to many countries. He also engaged in social positions. He was the chairman of the colonial church, the church choir, the committee for citizens, the director of St. Thomas.

He died at the age of 72 and left his craft to his son Valdemar Riise.
Over time, Valdemar's health deteriorated, so he decided to sell the entire company and the rights to produce the popular Riise Bay Rum to the pharmacist OV Poulsen in 1913.

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