Pereg Cuvée black
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Pereg Cuvée black

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Excellent semi-sweet ruby-red wine, which is made from the medicinal fruits of Aronia and wine from black currants.
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Čierny Pereg is a rare semi-sweet branded wine, made by blending wine from the medicinal fruits of Aronia and wine from black currants. Blending these two carefully selected wines from black berry fruit resulted in an excellent cuveé with an intense ruby-red color, with a captivating aroma full of currant tones and black chokeberry berries.

The unique sensual taste is convincingly fruity, with a seductively imported harmony of natural acids, with the sensation of pleasant residual sugar, which, together with the high content of bouquet and extractive substances, creates a deep, exceptionally long taste sensation.

A wine full of natural antioxidants that prevent cell aging, polyphenols that reduce the risk of hardening of the arteries, and substances that have a positive effect on cholesterol levels. Microelements and vitamins derived from black berry fruit have a positive effect on the immune system and the balance important for health.

It goes well with dark meat and game specialties, beef tenderloin steak, goose or duck. It can also be served with desserts, or just for the pleasure of pleasant moments spent in the circle of friends, a loved one, or family. Serve at a temperature of 15 to 16°C.

Silver medal from the San Francisco International Wine Competition, 2022
Gold medal from Terravino, 2022
Platinum medal from the Great American International Wine Competition, 2021
1st place from Wine of the Year, 2021
Gold medal from Víno Bojnice, 2021


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