Chairman's Master's Selection for Svet nápojov

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Chairman's Master's Selection is a special edition of rum made for the World of Drinks!

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Meet the special edition of rum created for Slovakia!

Rum Chairman's Reserve Master's Selection for Svet nápojov comes from the Caribbean island of St. Lucia and hides a blend of two great molasses rums John Dore 1 and Vendome 2012. The rums were distilled using the Double Retort and Pot Still methods. 8 years of aging in oak ex-bourbon barrels also contributes to the excellent taste. The result excels in its high content of esters, which are responsible for the distinctive and rich taste profile reflecting the elegant character of Chairman's Reserve rums.

The exceptional rums from the Chairman's Reserve Master's Selection series were created by Master Blender and Cellar Master of this brand after they discovered several excellent and rare barrels of rum in Chairman's cellars. Each used rum barrel is personally selected by Cellar Master Cyril Mangal, taking into account the variety of rums and their taste profiles obtained by different fermentation and distillation methods.

This is an exclusive limited edition suitable for all rum enthusiasts.

Color: amber with orange highlights
Aroma: orange, pepper, oak, fruit, nuts
Taste: sweet, honey, caramel, coconut, pineapple, pepper, wood

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Flavour profile
With, Caramel, Citrus, Ananas, Oak, Apple
Saint Lucia
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