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Bundle Demon's Share + Chairman's Reserve Spiced
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Bundle Demon's Share + Chairman's Reserve Spiced
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Chairman's Reserve Spiced
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In the 1930s, the island of Saint Lucia excelled in the massive cultivation of sugar cane and the production of local rum. However, when the sugar cane market in Europe grew, it had a devastating effect on the island. The last two distilleries merged, settled in the picturesque Roseau Valley and founded St. Lucia Distillers . One of them was L. Bernard. In the 60s of the last century, the last plantation with sugar cane ended on the island. The producers thus began to import rich molasses from British Guiana, with a long-term commitment to use only their molasses.

Thanks to this history, the Chairman L. Bernard decided to take over the resumption of rum production on the island of Sv. Lucia and created Chairman's Reserve. Thanks to the special distillation of molasses and proper mixing, it restored the prestige of the island's rum culture. Chairman's Reserve has become an excellent "must-have" rum.

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