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Chairman's Reserve Legacy

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Chairman's Legacy is a great rum from the island of St. Lucia. In simplicity, it can be said that it is a reflection of how well it is possible to mix rums of different basis, age, style and conclusion into one direct masterpiece.

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Chairman's Legacy was created and named in honor of Laurie Barnard , the "boss" of the St. Lucia Distillers, who inspired and created the iconic Chairman's Reserve brand. His vision was to rediscover the charm of rum from St. Lucie and bring something that no one has seen in the world of rums for a long time.

And while other distillers bought column stills to increase production, Laurie invested in eclectic types of barrels, small pot distillers, her own yeast strain, and sugar cane. He believed that he would not find the best rum in just one barrel, but could bring it by mixing it from various components including rums of different ages, finish, style and raw material base.

Chairman's Legacy rum is the result of the art of mixing cauldron and column rums. Unlike traditional rums with a molasses base, it also contains a proportion of rum from cane juice as a trademark of Laurie, who began growing sugar cane around the distillery to obtain the now announced Chairman's Reserve yeast.

It matured in tropical climates in bourbon barrels and the resulting mixture was created by mixing several rums 5-8 years old . Let yourself be seduced by its pleasant mahogany shade, behind which hides this protruding rum full of tones of tropical fruit!

Color : mahogany
Aroma : pineapple, banana, vanilla
Taste : intensely grilled tropical fruits and spices
Conclusion : long and pleasant

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Flavour profile
Vanilla, Ananas, Banana, Pepper, Tropical
Saint Lucia
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0.7 l
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