The Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask

The Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask

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Irish whiskey Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask is a single grain whiskey that has matured both in barrels after bourbon and in barrels after marsala wine from Sicily.
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The Whistler Mosaic Marsala Cask is a premium Irish single grain whiskey produced only in small batches. It is based on 95% maize and 5% barley malt.

The initial maturation took place in bourbon barrels, while the final maturation took place in barrels after the extraordinary Sicilian Marsala wine. In the finale, you can enjoy a perfectly balanced Irish whiskey today, which has a delicate fruity aroma as well as taste.

Color: soft orange with brown highlights
Aroma: orange, lime, vanilla, chocolate, pepper, wood, oak
Taste: caramel, hazelnuts, dry citrus, honey, apricots
Finish: medium length, citrus, oak, pepper, honey

Flavour Profile
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Flavour profile
With, Vanilla, Caramel, Chocolate, Hazelnuts, Citrus
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