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Cihuatán - Ron de El Salvador is an arts and crafts rum inspired by the rich ancient mythology of the Mayan world . The Mayans were relentlessly curious, which led them to explore the stars, mathematics, the discovery of new territories, and the creativity that preceded its time. The same curiosity in today's world has spurred the emergence of the historically first 100% Salvadoran rum , which is lovingly and proudly produced in the heart of the Mayan Cihuatán Valley in Central America .

It is there, under the protection of the Guazepa Mountains, that the young and so far only Salvadoran distillery, founded in 2004. The peaks of this mountain-minded mountain range resemble the features of a sleeping woman considered the guardian and goddess of the valley's fertility and prosperity. The sleeping woman thus became the heart of the story of Cihuatán rums and the design of his bottles. In each of them, a sleeping woman addresses selected Mayan gods, speaking for the prosperity of the surrounding valley and its inhabitants. The design of the bottles is adapted to individual editions of Cihuatán rum and completed by legendary Mayan elements . The authenticity of this Salvadoran rum definitely underlines the local production process , which from the planting of sugar cane to the bottling of rum takes place completely exclusively in El Salvador.

The Cihuatán brand still offers editions, but also Cihuatán collectible rums available only in a limited number of bottles. Read even more about the Cihuatán rum in our blog article: Cihuatán: craft rum from El Salvador inspired by Mayan mythology

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