Bundle Foursquare Sovereignty + La Hechicera Serie Experimental No.1 Muscat

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What more could you wish for than two fantastic rums. One from the exclusive Barbaods distillery Foursquare and the other from the experimental limited edition rum La Hechicera Muscat, which was finally matured in Muscat barrels.

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Volume 0.7 l
Alc. 40 %

La Hechicera Serie Experimental No.1 Muscat Cask

The experimental series of La Hechicera rum No.1 Muscat Cask-Finished has a varied history of aging in oak barrels, which were filled to the very top with the best nutmeg wine. It was a memorable experiment that was accidentally discovered.

One of the brand's owners, Miguel Riascos Sr., once filled 16 large barrels of barrel with his favorite nutmeg to find out what to do with it. After 12 years, his son Miguel Riascos Jr. discovered in the inventory a remarkable wine with excellent tones of walnuts, plums and leather, ripening under the relentlessly warm climate of Colombian Barranquila. He emptied the barrels of wine. As is customary with special series, he used them again to fill them with La Hechicera rum at the age of 12-21 years. The result is an experimental limited edition of La Hechicera Muscat rum, distinguished by a final maturation of several months in barrels filled several times - first after rum and then after nutmeg wine.

Maturation history - profile of used barrels:
until 2003 - bourbon matured in barrels
2003 - 2006 - rum matured in the same barrels
2006 - 2018 - nutmeg wine was placed in these barrels
2018 - 2019 - the original Colombian rum La Hechicera returned to the barrels

Aroma: intense, tropical fruit, grilled pineapple, ripe bananas and pecans
Taste: rich and spicy, plums, marzipan, vanilla, biscuits
Conclusion: dry and beautifully balanced with tones of oak wood

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Flavour profile
Vanilla, Ananas, Banana, Plums, Pecans, Marzipan
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0.7 l
40 %
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