Bundle Foursquare Redoutable + Boukman Botanical Rhum

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Foursquare Redoutable, a 14-year-old collector's single blended rum from the workshop of Richard Seal, is now in an exclusive set with Haitian Boukman Botanical Rhum, distilled from fresh sugar cane juice.

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Volume 0.7 l
Alc. 45 %

Boukman Botanical Rhum

The story of this rum began in 1791, when at a secret ceremony, Dutty Boukman took the oath of liberty, which he sealed with rum. He provoked a revolution that liberated Haiti.

Exactly two centuries later, a hand-made blended botanical rum was created, which follows the tradition and bears the name Boukman. It is a mixture of the best agricole rums distilled from fresh sugar cane juice. Herbs and bark from Haiti are also added during production.

This rum is made from sugar cane, which comes from the rich reed fields of the Croix des Bousquets in the south and the northern reed fields of Cap Haïtien. The result is a dry, intense and complex alcohol with an elegant finish.

Every year, the Boukman distillery financially supports sugar cane farmers in Haiti. Rum is contained in a very nice and square blue-green bottle. We recommend enjoying it with one ice cube.

Color: amber with brown highlights
Aroma: wood, cinnamon, grass, spices, citrus, nuts
Taste: cane sugar, vanilla, coffee, black pepper, wood
Finish: long, sharp, spice, wood, cinnamon, vanilla, citrus

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Flavour profile
Wood, Cinnamon, Nuts, Coffee, Black pepper, Sugar-cane
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0.7 l
45 %
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