10 tips for the best Christmas gift!

10 tips for the best Christmas gift!

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10 tips for the best Christmas gift!

Christmas Gift Guide - ideas for everyone on your list!

Exclusive alcohol as a Christmas gift is simply a smart tip for both men and women. It definitely stands out above all those ordinary gifts we are so happy to receive every year. Alcohol as a gift is the right move to show your style and at the same time show that you have thought of someone.

These are our tips for women and men, moms and dads, sisters and brothers, brothers-in-law and sisters-in-law, or other adult family members:

1. Dos Maderas PX 5+5 Tasting Experience

- a tasting set that takes you through the entire production process of Dos Maderas PX premium rum (5+5)

2. Cihuatán Dualidad 18 Year Old Folklore Chapter 2 Svet nápojov

- comes from the special edition Folklore and this is its second edition. It is a limited edition of a great Salvadoran rum aged in ex-sherry Oloroso American white oak barrels

3. A.H. Riise 24 Experiences 2023 24x0,02l

- rum tasting set with 24 opening doors. Behind each window you will find a miniature of 0,02 l. The calendar allows you to immerse yourself in times past and explore the range of the best rums of A.H. Riise and Santos Dumont

4. Hampden Estate Set 8x0,2l

- a charming set of exotic Jamaican rums from Hampden Estate, which contains 8 different rums in a small 0,2 l bottle

5. Dębowa Vodka

- very tasty and delicate Polish vodka Dębowa in a wooden hunting bottle

6. A.H. Riise Signature

- premium blended rum from the US Virgin Islands. It is made from a blend of the finest and highest quality rums that the A.H Riise brand owns

7. Gin Mare + lantern

- excellent Spanish Gin Mare 0,7 l together with a beautiful white decorative lantern

8. Glen Scotia Single Cask 2016 Slovakia Exclusive

- an exclusive limited edition single malt Scotch whisky made exclusively for the World of Drinks/Svet nápojov

9. Loch Lomond 12 Year Old Slovakia Exclusive Cask Strength

- 55 % alcohol specially bottled for Slovakia! Only 257 bottles were bottled

10. The GlenAllachie 13 Year Old Single Cask 2009 Selected by Billy Walker for Slovakia

- aged in two different barrels for up to 13 years! It belongs to a very special and limited edition Single Cask. Only 235 were produced

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