30.09. 2022
Carúpano: International Coffee Day

This Saturday, October 1, is International Coffee Day, which is the perfect opportunity to get together with your loved ones and chat over a good cup of coffee.

Almost all of us like coffee and drink it often. That is why there is no more innovative way to celebrate International Coffee Day than with a special ingredient! You must be wondering what Carúpano brand rum has in common with coffee? We will be happy to answer this question.

The Ron Carúpano brand has more than 260 years of history in the production of rum, which began when a Spanish captain fell in love with the shores of Venezuela. That is why the distillery decided to celebrate the magical connection of Spanish-Caribbean roots with the first known Venezuelan drink Carajillo, which is made from a mixture of rum and coffee.

At Carúpano, they decided to reinterpret Carajillo to create together with the Venezuelan Coffee Association Carupanillo. It is a drink that is a perfect combination between distinct aromas of coffee, salty touches of Carúpan and unmistakable spices of the exotic Caribbean.

Drink Carupanillo

The preparation of this rum-coffee drink is slightly difficult, but the enjoyment of the final product is definitely worth it!

First you will need to prepare an "infusion":
■ 500ml of hot water
■ 5 pieces of cardamom seeds
■ 1 piece of guayabita seed
■ 1 piece of star anise

Soak the spices in water for 4 minutes. Then remove the seeds from the water and add granulated sugar. At the end, mix everything and let it stand.

The next thing you will need is a "coffee base" which is very simple. Add 30 grams of any ground coffee to 500ml of hot water and let it stand for 4 minutes.

Now it's up to you whether you choose to prepare hot or cold coffee. Anyway, we will give you both recipes here.

Preparation of cold Carupanillo:

■ Lots of ice
■ 90 ml infusion
■ 30 ml of Carúpano 12 or 18 rum
■ 90 ml of American-style black coffee

You can really win on the appearance of the coffee. Be sure to try it yourself and show your creativity!

Preparation of hot Carupanilla:

■ 30 ml infusion
■ 45 ml of Carúpano 12 or 18 rum
■ 30 ml of American-style black coffee

At the end, you can decorate with whipped cream and coffee beans or a mint leaf.

I bet you're already drooling after reading and seeing the photos! If you are interested in trying this drink, just click here and you can easily order Carúpano Reserva Limitada 18 and Carúpano Reserva Exclusiva 12 from our e-shop.