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Black Tears is a real Cuban rum with soul and emotion . It is made from silver rum in one of the best distilleries in Cuba . As historically the first dry, Cuban rum is also available on the world market .

There is a hidden atmosphere of passionate Cuban life hidden in BlackTears rums. Cubans put souls and emotions into everything they do. Nothing holds them and everything that happens on this own island is full of emotions, from music to everyday life.

Black Tears rums are true Cuban products that reflect the atmosphere of the island in every step of their production - from a careful selection of narcotic spices to a combination with Cuban Vigia - a seal of quality rum. BlackTears rum is always an elegant and well-balanced spiced rum. It differs from other rums by its hot-sweet taste and low sugar content , typical of Cuban rums. In Black Tears rums, however, you can smell coffee and cocoa, as well as history and Cuban cuisine full of Caribbean aji dulce.

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