Neptune Rum: Lord of the oceans from Foursquare

Neptune Rum: Lord of the oceans from Foursquare

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24. 08. 2021
Neptune Rum: Lord of the oceans from Foursquare

The Foursquare rum distillery from the island of Barbados has launched a very interesting rum, which has won more than 70 medals and awards for quality, taste and ecology. But first, let's say some basic information about Foursquare.

Foursquare is located on a former sugar plantation, which was established in about 1720, on the small Caribbean island of Barbados. The distillery was reopened by the Seale family in 1996. It is currently run by Richard Seale. The exceptional selection of barrels represents a unique and rare offer of the Foursquare distillery. These barrels were personally selected by Richard Seale for the best quality. His personal projects saw the light of day only when he felt they were of exceptional quality. Foursquare rums are the most popular and the best in the world! The distillery also produces more brands, such as: Equiano, McCoy, Sixty Six, R.L.Seales and Doorly's.

What is Neptune Rum?

Neptune Rum is named after the ancient Roman god Neptune, ruler of water, seas, oceans and wind. He protected not only nature but also animals. And why Neptune? Read on to find out.

Neptune Rum was founded in 2017 in Cheltenham in the south west of the UK. Neptune's main idea is to produce exceptional and honest rums in a sustainable way from purely natural ingredients, but above all to support the cleaning of water and shores from the current pollution and damage. They rely on the support of charities and initiatives that clean water and shores mainly from plastics and garbage. You too can contribute to water purification by purchasing rum from Neptune. The following five principles are followed in the production of rum:

• No added sugar
• No artificial sweeteners
• No artificial flavors
• No preservatives
• No artificial colors

Neptune rums:

1,Barbados Gold

Neptune rum s pohárom

This really exceptional rum is a mixture of rums that have matured for three, five and eight years. It is made from pure molasses and sugar cane, of course it was distilled in the Foursquare distillery in Barbados. It also matures in Foursquare, in American bourbon barrels, which is very important in terms of the effect of tropical maturation in warm climates. Barbados' climate provides the right conditions for oak barrel flavors to soak into rum. It matures in maturing houses at a temperature of 27 °C. The final stage of production involves a specific cold filtration process and the addition of soft spring water to dilute the rum from 68 % to 40 %. It is then transported to the UK, where it is bottled without added dyes and sugar.

Rum Neptune is ideal for enjoying with ice, having a drink or sipping alongside friends. Exceptionally smooth taste with tones of apricots, bananas and coconut, which eventually turn into honey and vanilla. It has amazing quality. The proof is more than 70 awards and medals for quality, taste and ecology.

Color: natural gold
Aroma: maple syrup, fresh apricot, vanilla, spices, nuts, oak
Taste: peach, coconut, banana, vanilla, pepper and honey
Finish: medium and sweet, caramelized brown sugar

   Ocenenia za rok 2018/19

1,Caribbean Spiced

Neptune Caribbean Spiced rum

The spicy version of Neptune rum is ideal for mixed drinks and cocktails. Caribbean Spiced Rum is a blend of masterful Caribbean gold rums that have matured for three, five and eight years. It is produced on the basis of molasses in Caribbean distillation vessels. He is then aged for at least 3 years in American bourbon barrels. It is infused with tropical papaya, damian, fruit, vanilla and cinnamon. It goes perfectly with summer drinks and cocktails, which you can enjoy alongside your friends.

Color: amber
Aroma: fruit tones, chewing gum, sweet, mango
Taste: spices, vanilla, sugar, tropical fruits
Finish: long, warm and mildly spicy, strong tones of vanilla

Don't forget that both Neptune Barbados Gold and Neptune Caribbean Spiced can be found online at Bondston.com. Do not hesitate to taste these exceptional and special drinks from the Foursquare distillery from the island of Barbados!

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