08.09. 2022
Glen Scotia: A distillery that never ceases to amaze!

As you already know from the previous blog, the Glen Scotia brand is a well-known Scottish distillery, which last year won the "Best Scotch Whiskey Distillery of the Year 2021" award as well as the "Best Whiskey in the World" medal.

Not long ago, something incredible happened again. Their other premium whiskey Victoriana has won an exclusive award again! In this blog, you will learn something about this excellent whiskey, which stands for NAS, and you will discover a special novelty made only for the Svet nápojov.

1, News!

A little while ago, a truck full of limited specialties from Scotland arrived at our warehouse!

Glen Scotia Campbeltown Harbour

There is nothing better than the combination of real Scotch whisky and history. It is a pleasant whiskey, full of a refreshing aroma and a penetrating smoky taste. It is made in honor of the iconic port of Campbeltown, known as the Victorian Whisky Capital of the World, through which whiskey flowed to the wider world in the past.

As the Glen Scotia brand is known for, they used the most exclusive first-fill ex-bourbon barrels they could find in the cellar for maturation. The whisky is presented in a gift box showing the old Campbeltown harbour.

It has a bright amber color with golden-yellow highlights. Its sea scent will enter your body and confuse your senses with blooming violets, lavender and vanilla. At the end, it will surprise you with a medium-long dry finish with notes of smoke, pepper and Himalayan salt.

Glen Scotia Single Cask 2016 Slovakia Exclusive

Thanks to our professional team, we have prepared for you a special limited edition of fantastic whiskey from the port city of Campbeltown in collaboration with the Glen Scotia brand. Get ready for an extremely powerful classic that will get your blood pumping and your taste buds dancing.

It has a wonderful fruit aroma with notes of juicy raisins, strawberries and peaches, complemented by the spicy taste of cloves, nuts and wood. It was distilled in 2016 and matured in a single first-fill ex-red wine Bordeaux Hogshead cask numbered 21/756-8.

Only 282 pieces with 57.7 % alcohol content were produced. It is in a black and white gift tube with the Slovakia Exclusive label and the Svet nápojov logo.

2, NAS whisky

You must have come across the word NAS either when buying whiskey, on forums or in groups. However, it is not a different type or brand! NAS is an acronym that simply means "No Age Statement".

Ageless simply means that there is no age listed on the bottle itself. By law, if you put an age on the bottle, then every drop in it must contain the same or older age.

Every Scotch NAS is legally bound to be matured for at least three years, which is the Scotch Whiskey Act, but may contain a 12-year or an 8-year. Without stating the age, the distiller has more flexibility in what he makes.

In our assortment you can find several well-known and very popular whiskeys, such as Glen Scotia Victoriana, Johnnie Walker Red Label, Talisker Skye, Arran Barrel Reserve, Pure Scot Signature NAS Blended Whisky or Bladnoch NAS Vinaya.

Glen Scotia Victoriana

An extremely excellent whiskey that is inspired by the Victorian period. Aged in first-fill ex-bourbon casks, from which it was poured into ex-Sherry Pedro Ximénez and charred oak barrels selected by the Master Blender. Despite the fact that it has undergone maturation, it is marked as NAS.

It has won a huge number of worldwide awards and medals for its fantastic taste and above-average quality. The latest addition was added at the competition in San Francisco, where it won the gold medal "Best NAS Whiskey of 2022".

It was bottled with 54.2 % alcohol content (Cask Strength). It comes from the iconic port of Campbeltown, through which in the past whiskey flowed to the wider world.

Get ready for a real wave of salty sea aroma with notes of slightly toasted sugar, smoke, fresh lemon peel. Subsequently, you will feel the escalating fruit flavor complemented by coal, pepper, smoke and wood. The finish is reasonably long with sweet flavors of red grapes, dark chocolate, cocoa and olives.

If you want to buy Glen Scotia whisky for yourself or a loved one, be sure to hurry! These are limited editions, meaning there are only a limited number of pieces. Just click here and you can order right away.