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Claude Chatelier VS

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Fresh and youthful French cognac Claude Chatelier VS designed for independent enjoyment, as well as for experimenting with cocktails.

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Volume 0.7 l
Alc. 40 %


Claude Chatelier VS (Very Superior) is a fresh and youthful cognac wrapped in an iconic rounded decanter. The basis is grapes from the highest quality vineyards. Cognac Chatelier VS matures in small French oak barrels for about 2 years. The wine is then distilled in small quantities of 25 hectoliters by the copper pot still method in the spirit of the best methods inherited over the centuries. Only then does it mature in silence and without access to light in damp cellars with clay floors, which help to stimulate its delicate transformation into sweet nectar.

It is ideal for undisturbed independent enjoyment, as well as for experimenting with cocktails.

Color: light, golden brown
Aroma: delicate, sweet, floral tones, ripe grapes and wood
Taste: warm, dominated by vanilla, hazelnuts, dried fruit, spices

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Flavour profile
Vanilla, Dried Fruit, Hazelnuts, Flowers, Pepper, Grapes
Grande & Petite Champagne
0.7 l
40 %
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