A loving fusion of rum and wine: Matusalem Insolito

The most romantic day of the year is closer to the date. Valentine's Day is a perfect day for a romantic date, same as for ladies night or just for Valentine's drink with friends. That's why we have a hot drink tip perfectly underlining the delicate atmosphere!

Matusalem Insolito: The World's First Pink Rum

Probably, you might already heard about Matusalem rum (we also wrote about it here). The brand that prides itself on a product with the title "cognac among rums" also came out some time ago with a limited edition rum, which you wouldn't recognize from a bottle of rosé wine. To be clear, it is just great design that hides the World's First Pink Rum.

Matusalem Insolito Wine Cask: The First Pink Rum

The limited edition was named Matusalem Insolito. Insólito (in Spanish, French and Italian translation) expresses something rare, unusual and pushing the boundaries. Blend was created by Cynthia Vargas, the Master Blender of the Matusalem, inspired by delicious pink wines from the Provence region of France

Matusalem Insolito: Cynthia Vargas

After blending, it was filtered through charcoal and then matured for three years using the solera system in ex-wine Tempranillo barrels. This maturing added a special charm to (already good taste of) the rum. And that's where a loving fusion of Dominican rum and wine was born. The result is a pioneering rum, of which only 8,000 bottles were produced.

Color: crystal with salmon pink reflections
Smell: exotic, grapes, molasses, pineapple, oak, cinnamon
Taste: light, slightly sweet, grilled fruit, tannins
Finish: medium length, pineapple, pepper, wine, oak

3 Valentine's Day Drink Recipes with Matusalem Insolito

How to enjoy pink rum in the best way? There are several options. Here are 3 tips for easy drinks for your home bartending to amaze your companion. Thanks to their simplicity, light and fresh taste, all of them are perfect for summer months as well. Let's look at them!

#Rondine Insolito

Rondine Insolito: Valentínsky koktejl s ružovým rumom Matusalem Insolito

Drop Matusalem Rum Insolito, lemon, sugar syrup, ice and shake it. It’s recommended to cool the glass previously in the freezer. Retire the ice later, before adding the liquid. Fill up with the champagne rosè. And finally, decorate your masterpiece with romantic rose petals.


Spritzolito: (Nielen) valentínsky rumový koktejl s Matusalem Insolito

Easy-to-mix drink also for everyone who is not so experienced in world of coctails. You will love it for it is simplicity same as for its gentle sensualism.

Use the Burgundy glass wine. Drop the ice cubes in the glass and add the Matusalem Rum Insolito. Top with quality tonic Thomas henry and prosecco to fill the glass. Use mixing tea spoon and stir lightly to integrate the ingredients. Garnish with blueberries.

#3 Enjoy your Matusalem Insolito neat

Ružový rum Matusalem Insolito

If you're not a fan of cocktails, you certainly won't spoil the romantic Valentine's mood even if you enjoy this delicate pink rum straight from the glass. It is not secret that Matusalem Insolito is recommended to be served in a glass together with berries (grapes, blueberries, currants and blackberries). Without water or ice. Just neat at room temperature. Cheers!