Nuvo L' Esprit de Paris Sparkling
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Nuvo L' Esprit de Paris Sparkling

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The world's first sparkling liqueur, Nuvo L'Esprit de Paris Sparkling was created in 2007 by Raphael Yakoby and is made from ultra-premium French vodka, sparkling white wine and a blend of fruit nectars.
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Nuvo L' Esprit de Paris Sparkling is a liqueur made with ultra-premium French vodka, a touch of fine sparkling white wine and blended with a proprietary blend of fruit nectars. Nuvo is as delicious as it is luxurious.

Created by Raphael Yakoby in 2007, this sparkling drink is aimed primarily at women, and the bottle's visuals suggest as much; the bottle looks like a perfume. It's a truly unique look with a touch of luxury.

The combination of vodka, sparkling wine and a blend of fruit nectars creates a sweet and fruity taste, despite the vodka base. The bottles have been filled with an alcohol content of 15 % and the volume is 0,7 l.

It is recommended to be enjoyed on the rocks and can also be used for mixing in cocktails.

Colour: pink
Aroma and taste: slightly sweet, citrus, fruit, maracuja, passion fruit


water, vodka, natural flavour, sugar, sparkling white wine, citric acid (E330), malic acid (E296)

Flavour Profile
Slightly sweet
Passion fruit
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Basic information
Flavour profile
Fruit, Slightly sweet, Passion fruit
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0.7 l
15 %
Svet nápojov s.r.o. Oravicka 615, 028 01 Trstená, Slovakia
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