18.08. 2022
MAEN The Perfect Circle Whisky: Japanese art combined with modern dram

Japan has a very long history accompanied by famous and skilled artists. This country brought many exclusive and non-traditional pieces of whiskey, cognac and rum to the world of alcohol. In this article you will discover the extraordinary Maen whiskey combined with traditional art and minimalism.

MAEN The Perfect Circle Whisky

When you look at the logo on the bottle and box, you immediately think of the movie Arrival, where scientists were able to communicate with aliens using calligraphy. This logo was created by Japanese artist Juju Kurihara, who started learning calligraphy at the age of 13.

This "circle" is formally spelled ensō! It is a sacred symbol in Zen Buddhism that means circle or togetherness. Traditionally, it is drawn with just one stroke of the brush as a meditative practice that relaxes the mind and allows the body to create. Once an ensō is drawn, it cannot be changed. It represents the character of the person who drew it.

The whisky comes from the city of Takacho, which is famous for producing the best rice wine. This is a premium blend dubbed as "a great modern dram". It was created from malt and grain whiskies that were distilled 2 to 3 times using a Copper Pot and matured for 3 to 5 years in American ex-bourbon white oak casks.

Get ready for a refreshing fruity aroma full of citrus, vanilla and licorice, accompanied by a slightly spicy taste with notes of honey, roasted almonds and fresh apricots. It has a charming amber-orange color that resembles the sunset (Golden hour).

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