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Dead Men's Fingers is a rebel brand of rum that purposefully avoids everything that has been known about rum so far. No pirates, no sailors. And no Caribbean… or yet?

Rum Dead Men's Fingers was not created during colonial times, but in the successful rum and seafood restaurant Rum and Crab Shack , owned by N. Hayes and Ch. McGuire. They took rum, looked at what others were doing, and then did the exact opposite. The basis of Dead Men's Fingers rum is a mixture of spicy Caribbean rums from Barbados and Trinidad - after all, they are honest first-class rums. But instead of the classic curled flavors of vanilla and orange, you will also discover any unconventional taste tones in them, such as Pedro Ximenéz ice cream or saffron-corn cake.

The brand was named after the crab they once had on their menu. It is said that whoever eats his long gills (popularly known as Dead Men's Fingers) will die. Probably only figuratively, but even from their incredibly terrible taste. However, the legend spreads faster than the facts. So they removed the food from the menu and left the name to flavored spiced rum, which you can enjoy on your own as well as the diabolically tasty ingredient of your cocktails.

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