08.03. 2023
CocktAil: We are launching a video series about cocktails created with the help of AI and a professi

We are starting a brand new series with video tutorials on mixing cocktails and drinks. We recognize that there are already a lot of similar projects and cocktail recipes. We wanted to create one for you that keeps up with the modern times, offers an unusual experience and also makes the ingredients used in the drinks easily accessible.

That's why we decided to involve artificial intelligence in the creative process.
And not one, but four.

Watch the first video: Getting started with CoctAil

Wondering what cocktail our AI Ema actually invented? You can see it now in the opening part of the new CoctAil video series:

So what do you think, are you intrigued? Ema evaluated that the test subjects' reactions to her cocktail were above average. We'll be adding more videos to our YouTube, Instagram and TikTok over time. If you're curious to see how it goes and what you can look forward to, don't forget to confirm your subscription and give us a follow on social media.

Backstage: How did we do all this?

We involved Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the creation process practically as soon as the idea was conceived. We decided to use the currently extremely popular ChatGPT. Its first tasks were to come up with the name of the entire video series, the recipe for the first cocktail and also its title. We then used Midjourney to create the main face of the series, who was given the beautiful name Ema. All we had to do was get her face moving and ask her to narrate the text she speaks in the video. D-ID and Narakeet helped us with this technically.

So much for the technical part. AI is an amazing technology that can come up with interesting cocktails. However, it can't replace a skilled pair of live hands or the associated craft. And so we invited rising bartending star Milan Klokočka (you can find him on Instagram) to make and present Ema's drinks.

Milan Klokočka pre Svet Nápojov