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Cider is a light fermented low-alcohol fruit drink . It is made by fermenting (usually) 100% apple juice . It is wrongly referred to as "apple beer". However, Sajder has nothing to do with beer or blades. It does not even belong among fruit wines, although it is close to them.

The best ciders are made only from 100% apple juice in the process of natural fermentation, without added sugar, dyes and aromas . The taste of real apple sauce, which has undergone honest production, is made from the juice of apple mixtures - unique for every brand, manufacturer and often even a product . True masters for the production of cider can handle the whole process of cider production only by balancing the sweet and sour taste of juice from different varieties of apples. However, there are also special editions, which you can also find in our e-shop, and which, in addition to apple juice, also contain a smaller proportion of raspberry, blueberry or other fruit juice.

If you want to try all the specialties, also taste the pear perry cider (or also known as pear cider), which is a special chapter in the cider family of drinks. Pear sajder because compared to other fruit cider has no basis of apple juice, but produced directly fermenting 100% pear juice.

What a country, it's a different recipe for making, a different alcohol content, a different taste and even the pronunciation of the name of this drink. You can call him so calmly cider, sajder or cider. You can try dry, semi-sweet, sweet sajdre, but also sparkling cider typical of France.

The right way to drink cider in the summer is on ice or chilled . However, the sajder also perfectly tunes mixed drinks . In winter, feel free to prepare a hot drink with your favorite spices. We recommend gourmets to combine it especially with cheese. If you want to try apple cider when cooking, it is worth pouring it into marinades or pouring duck, chicken and pork on it.

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